Weber Law Firm is currently offering a special on Wills & Estate planning services for clients in Northwest Arkansas. The process is streamlined and easy for anyone to complete.  For a short time, a simple will is only $245. However, if you have more advanced needs, you'll likely find few other firms as cost-effective and thorough as Weber Law Firm; we will note and discuss your other needs with you as we handle your case.

We have streamlined our processes to make sure every detail is handled efficiently, accurately, and most importantly - thoroughly - through an initial online consultation form.

Before beginning the process to get your will and estate completed, check the list of things below that you'll need in order to fill out the information form on the web:


Once you have everything, CLICK HERE TO BEGIN

  • You and your families' personal information (names, birthdays, addreses, etc)
  • Three options - witnesses full legal names and addresses
  • Three options - personal representative full legal names (people who handle the estate)
  • Two options - children guardian full legal names (if you have children)
  • Two options - trustee full legal names (handles finances for minors)
  • General & specific asset lists or summaries (do the best you can)
  • Burial instructions & plans

Once you have everything, CLICK HERE TO BEGIN




**** Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. Nothing is set in stone, we will review all details with you at a later date - so just do your best!

Submitting this information is not obligating you to purchase anything from Weber Law Firm, PLLC nor does it obligate Weber Law Firm to provide any services to you.  We will contact you within ten business days to discuss your particular needs. Should you have any questions, please contact us 479.966.9810 or







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